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Workshop and Yard

Central Yard

TPPL has a central equipment maintenance and repair workshop and storage facilities in Ankleshwar, Gujarat. This facility also caters to other remote workshop and repair locations TPPL operates in closer proximity of its ongoing projects. TPPL uses sophisticated asset maintenance, repair and operations software solution to manage its workshop and fleet of equipment to ensure reliability. Basic facilities like water, power and gas available 24 x 7.

Central workshop is equipped with:

For full maintenance, replacement/upgrades of construction equipment.

Equipped with two repair bays with hoist cranes, this workshop is used for repairing and reconditioning most types of construction equipment that are dispatched to and from our other projects and workshops.

Full time personnel for security, reconditioning, repairing, fabrication and other services are available throughout the year for catering to various projects and construction needs.
For electronic, electrical, mechanical as well as construction equipment, various diagnostics and testing tools are available to check, fine tune and certify the performance benchmarks as per requirements.