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TPPL will adhere to the safe construction practice and guard against hazardous and unsafe working conditions, taking care of the environmental safety and providing for the Safety, Health, Environment of its employees, clients & suppliers and shall comply with the Owner’s safety rules and policies strictly.

  • We will maintain first aid facilities for our employees and workmen.
  • We shall make outside arrangements for ambulance service and for the treatment of industrial injuries.
  • All critical industrial injuries shall be promptly and properly reported to the Owner and copy of our report covering each personal injury requiring the attention of a physician shall be furnished to the Owner.
  • In spite of all labor, directly or indirectly employed in the work, we will at our own expenses arrange for all the safety provisions as per the safety code.
  • We will observe and abide by all fire and safety regulations of the Owner. Before commencement of construction work we will consult with your safety Engineers and will make good to the satisfaction of the owner.
  • All roads and open areas adjacent to the work site shall either be closed or suitably protected.
  • All practical steps shall be taken to prevent danger to persons employed from risks of fire or explosion or flooding. No floor, roof or other part of the building shall be so overloaded with debris or materials as to render it unsafe.
  • Workers employed in mixing materials such as cement and lime mortars shall be provided with protective footwear and protective gloves.
  • Those employed in mixing or stacking or cement bags or any materials which are injurious to the eyes shall be provided with protective goggles.
  • Those engaged in welding, cutting and grinding works shall be provided with protective face and eye shields, hand gloves etc.
  • We will not employ workmen below the age of 18 years.
  • All scaffolds, ladders, and other safety devices mentioned or described herein shall be maintained in safe conditions and no scaffolds, ladder or equipment shall be altered or removed while it is in use. Adequate washing facilities shall be provided near places of work.
It is the policy of the Company that human resources are precious and vital for any nation/organization to achieve progress and prosperity.
  • Company gives utmost importance for healthy and safe working conditions to safeguard the most valuable human resources.
  • Safety eliminate wastage of workers effort and makes best use of the worker, thus increases the production and reduce the overheads.
  • Safety includes safe working conditions, effective use of safety equipments, safety education, accident prevention, safety survey and audit etc.